This little page is about me.

Hi, I’m Debs.  I’m a bit of a nomadic hobbyist.  I constantly find new things I want to make and do.  Everything from creating seascape mosaics to designing steam punk inspired necklaces from old watch parts and cogs.  My main love is writing though.  I love the power of words, the way they can soothe or inflame.

My children are everything to me.  At times I want to pull my hair out (don’t we all) but personally I find a bit of breathing space, perhaps a nice glass of wine and putting my attention elsewhere for half an hour is the only way to keep me from becoming permanently bald.

Born and raised in Cornwall, on the Lizard Peninsula mostly, I am completely in love with the county.  If you want to feel real peace head to the beach on a summer evening – grab a blanket and spread out on the sand watching the sunset.  Works every time.

I write Children’s Stories – The Cornish Sea Piskies series – we’re getting bigger everyday which is so exciting!  Currently we’re pulling together our fourth book, set in Porthleven with a fearsome Pirate Ghost – Captain KaiMor.

I’m currently, and slowly, working on a novel – it’s working title is ‘Total Dedication’ – it’s a comedy thriller based in Cornwall (Obviously).

‘Bryher begins to suspect things aren’t right in her little Cornish village when she wakes up one morning covered in a heady concoction of glitter and blood. Was it just another heavy night at a cliff top party that has made her lose her memory, or is the reason much more sinister?  Soon a collection of gruesome artistic interpretations of her own work start appearing up all over the place and Bryher fears for her own sanity, let alone her safety.’


I like to make things.  I get bored very easily and being stuck inside somedays with a leg full of blood clots and broken bones, the only thing to do is to dive onto pinterest and make a list of all the things I want to try.  I have a new present rule – If I love you – you will get a piece of crappy art for your birthday – completely personal and terribly rubbish. 🙂 You’ll treasure it I’m sure!