Porthleven Lifeboat Day

Yesterday was a perfect Sunday.  Blue skies, no wind, lots of friends and family and a cracking sense of community spirit.


After a morning of pancake making for a seemingly endless queue of teenage boys in my kitchen, I left them to the washing up and grabbed my camera to head down to catch the Lifeboat display in Porthleven Harbour.

Reaching the pill box just in time to see the Lifeboat and the Helicopter arrive I soon found my friends and their picnic, including a good few bottles of wine.  After squeezing through a relatively thin gap and edging through the crowds on my crutches I plonked myself down and was instantly passed a glass of nice cold wine.  My friends know how to do these days properly.  The whole collection of families joined together for this great community event, to watch the display and enjoy each others company.


We reminisced about the days when the display by the helicopter came closer in to the harbour, and men were thrown overboard to be rescued out at sea.  Of course health and safety now forbids all the shenanigans we used to enjoy.  That said though the display put on was very impressive.

The kids soon turned up with their wetsuits on and their crabbing buckets ready to make full use of the harbour after the display finished.  Meg and her best mate wandered around the food stalls trying out all the popcorn, slushies and ice cream.

I love a good day in Porthleven.

After a long day in the sunshine, we ended with a great dinner in Kota Kai, followed by home and bed.



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