Last Minute Staycation

Last week we found ourselves with an unexpected evening free altogether.  And even better we had the following morning off too!  So without too much time to go too far but just enough to find a mini adventure, we piled up the tent, the bedding, some warm clothes, a frisbee and a football, a mountain of food swept in from the cupboards, the kids and the dog and jumped in the car.  A little bit squashed but it all adds to the fun.  Next stop to pick up the nephew, our mini zebra enthusiast and wildlife expert.

10 miles later we pull into the fantastical world of Jane’s Campsite.  Having been good friends with Jane for a fair few years now, we gave her a quick call on the way to check it was ok to stay over.  We affectionally call her ‘Crazy Jane’, and she and Meg have a bond that’s all kind of lovely and playful.

Above Mullion Cove,  on the Predannack Side, Jane’s Campsite is nestled in a field, with some incredible views across The Mounts Bay.  To get there you have to drive through Jane an Pete’s working Farm yard, full of all sorts of machinery and animals and flowers.  The kids didn’t know where to look first.  Obviously the four day old puppies Jane showed them took priority.  So while Jen and I (mostly Jen) set up the tent with the door facing out over the fields of cows and ponies towards the sea, the kids ran off to hang out with Jane in the cottage and visit the puppies.


When they came back, we climbed up into the old bandstand, sat down in the three perfectly placed and very comfortable arm chairs and watched the sunset with a glass of wine.  The kids took turns swinging each other on the hammock and playing hide and seek.  Rocco amused himself with all the smells everywhere.

Bedtime came after a little negotiation on sleeping arrangements we settled down for the night, only to wake up to the sound of foxes playing outside the tent an hour or two later.  Rocco and the kids were particularly interested and it took a lot of convincing to keep the tent door closed!


The morning started, much as it the evening had, with a visit to the puppies.  Followed by a tour of the farm with Jane.  The kids visited the herd of miniature ponies, the three beautiful horses, the herd of cows, the turkeys, the geese, and the motorbikes.


We were home again by midday, ready for a quick hour of harbour jumping before spreading out in different directions.

We loved the quick trip so much that two days later we headed off five miles in the opposite direction and pitched our tent in the gorgeous Prussia Cove for an evening of swimming and camp stove hotdogs.


If you want all the fun of a quick blast holiday and want to avoid the housework for one night.  Grab the kids and fling them in the car and go anywhere!  Cornwall is literally bursting with awesome little campsites and they are so cheap.  Most of them you can just turn up and check if they have space, so drive out and love wherever you end up.  Explore that village, cove, woods and throw yourself into your own adventure.  I can’t recommend it enough!


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